About Me

Hello Food Lovers!

My name is Sneha Chowdhury, and I created Your Taste Platter to share my recipes and food stories with you all.

I come from a family of incredible cooks, and I’m here to pass down generations of family food recipes that are homey, fresh, family-friendly, and authentic. Most importantly, our recipes have been tried and tasted, so you can be confident that they are actually delicious.

Also, it is thanks to my father that I have had the opportunity to live in various parts of India and learn various recipes with various unknown tips and tricks for making a perfect dish.

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Every dish has its own unique recipe and hidden story. All you have to do is find yours.
Sneha Chowdhury

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We can’t pick just one or two dishes because there are so many delicious traditional Indian dishes to choose from. In India, each state, city, and town has its own traditional dishes. So, whenever you visit any part of India, make sure to try the local gastronomy; I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

When you write a recipe in your own words, it becomes yours. Writing in your own words does not imply copying another recipe and rephrasing it in your own words. It means include any details that reflect your personal experience with it, as well as your conviction that what you’re presenting incorporates all of the essential ingredients and the best way to combine them. So, come up with your own recipe and don’t forget to share it with us.